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Does Your Pet Need Help Relaxing and Chilling Out?

Dog Nip Calming Spray

Dog Nip: We want the best for your pet and understand how it feels to watch your pet act anxious. Monique's formula is designed with divine hands and alchemy to heal damaged skin and hair. Dog Nip has just the right amount of herbs, butters, oils, and love to help quench the coat of your pet. Dog Nip gives your pet a natural high as ist address dry skin, thirsty coat hair, itchy skin, and matted hair. With just a few spray in your handed and a gentle massage on their coat and brush, they will relax and know how much you love them. Some Plant-based goodness with sage, jojoba oil, shea butter, cactus, seaweed.

Store Manager: Jason - Only Natural Pet, Boulder CO

We chose to work with Monique's Plant Whisper because her mission aligns with our purpose which is producing healthy sustainable products. We are excited to have her in our store.

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Helps Dry and Irritated Skin. Great for Pet Groomers.

"I have English Bull dogs with sensitive skin and her products really help hot spots and overall coat health"

Talonie Rodgers, CFP

"I bout some hydrator to help with some eczema issues my 6 year old is experiencing. Topical prescriptions for eczema are not cheap (even with insurance). They have a level of effectiveness, but nothing remarkable. The hydrator has worked just as well as the prescription stuff, but with none of the greasy mess that kept us from a regular application routine. Just as effective, a fraction of the cost, and made with all natural ingredients. What's not to like about that as an alternative to chemically engineered prescriptions?"

Rob Smith, CEO

"Monique's Hydrator is a wonderful product. It definitely has helped my dry arms and legs. I also carry her product in my store, Akente Express. It's a must in all Colorado homes. Thank Monique"

Ron Haynes, Owner of Akente Express

Luna This is Luna waiting very patiently to eat her lunch topped with some of your salmon. She LOVES it! She is currently whining because she wants more!


Beignet scratches at the refrigerator door looking for more treats! They are so addicting!

Sera Muniz

The duck feet were a hit! Cobbie W.

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"My dog is usually very picky when it comes to treats. I am surprised how much she enjoyed your beef jerky. I guess that means I will buy some since she like them"


"My cat had a very bad scratch on her eye. The hydrator quickly soothed it and the scar eventually went away."

A. B

Calming Spray for All Pets