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Plant Whisper Earth Elixirs has enchanted products that will perform miracles to your hair and skin right before your eyes. We have products for People, Pets and Plants and are based in Denver, CO. Each product is charged with intentions of empowerment, love, and truth. It is our goal to help reconnect you to earth's potion elixirs. A touch of cactus, a sprinkle of magic, a mixing of herbs and oils, to help powerfully sooth skin and regrow hair. A one and only wonder, a magic mirror on the wall, to transform and renew all. Products available for People, Pets, and Plants

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3 Year Hair Growth Journey

"I am a former smoker and officially quit in 2019. During this time, I watched how the cactus power hydrator protected my hair in the mist of the damage I was causing it. Since I wanted to change my life style and my spiritual path, I quit smoking cigarettes. I have regained my connection back to earth and have transformed my thinking. My hair is thicker and fuller than it's been in decades. This product truly helps one elevate thinking and to have a closer understanding of how plants help heal our bodies". Monique, Denver CO

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60 Day Hair Growth Journey with Loc's

"I have been using the hydrator since I started locking my hair. I spray it in my hair 1-2 times a week. I do not put anything else in my loc's besides this. My loc's are thick and seemed to be growing at a good pace." Student, Denver CO 2020

Taz's 1 Month Hair Growth Journey

"Taz has had severe allergies to food. I bought a particular brand and it caused him to lose his coat. This stuff works great. His coat grew back within weeks. He seems to like it also." Korrie, Aurora , CO

2020 Hair Growth Journey

"I love this product. It has really stopped my hair from breaking. My hair has never been this full and healthy. I used to use it every day until my hair became healthy enough. I now only use it 1-2 a week. It also keeps my scalp clean, I have reduced the amount of times I need to wash my hair." Gwendolyn, Metamorphosis Counseling Services, Aurora CO

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1 month Rosacea Journey

"I have battled with rosacea for many years. The doctors have prescribed medicine but still nothing has worked. I began using the cactus power hydrator for skin and noticed how soothed my skin felt. It didn't take long to see my spots start to clear up. I am allergic to red wine and chocolate. I know that there is product that will work when I get out breaks. " Warren, IT Network Engineer 2020

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3 Month Hair Growth Journey 7 inches and thicker hair

"I have been using cactus hydrator with extra neem on my clients hair. His hair does very well with this product. It has grown 7 inches since September and is hair is a lot thicker. " Diamond, Cupcake Wigs, Denver CO

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1.5 inches of new growth within 3 weeks

"This product didn't take long before my hair begin to grow. It feels like my hair has taken a drink of water when I use this product. I am so impressed with it that I am buying another one for my friend. I have almost 2 inches of new growth within the first month of using this product. I've never used anything like it." Lee, Healthcare Manager 2020

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Eczema Clears Up in Two Months

"I have suffered from eczema for years. The stuff my doctors have prescribed is greasy and makes my wrist itch more. Since I have used the hydrator, my wrist feel soothed and the itching goes away. This product does wonders for dry skin", Diamond, Cupcake Wigs, Denver LLC

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Plant Root Booster

"Something was urging me to try some of the cactus power hydrator in my plants. Since it is a water-based product infused with herbs and plant oils, I thought, why not? I am so glad I did. Not only are my plants stronger and healthier, they look absolutely radiant. I can have peace of mind knowing this product literally works for everyone," Monique, owner and creator

Gentle Soothing Plant-Based Love

Monique's Plant Whisper doesn't miss a beat when it comes to helping various types of people and pets with skin and hair care solutions. Equine enjoy a soothing, quenching treatment, thick soft coats, and confidence.

"I have English Bull dogs with sensitive skin and her products really help hot spots and overall coat health"

Talonie Rodgers, CFP

"I bout some hydrator to help with some eczema issues my 6 year old is experiencing. Topical prescriptions for eczema are not cheap (even with insurance). They have a level of effectiveness, but nothing remarkable. The hydrator has worked just as well as the prescription stuff, but with none of the greasy mess that kept us from a regular application routine. Just as effective, a fraction of the cost, and made with all natural ingredients. What's not to like about that as an alternative to chemically engineered prescriptions?"

Rob Smith, CEO

"Monique's Hydrator is a wonderful product. It definitely has helped my dry arms and legs. I also carry her product in my store, Akente Express. It's a must in all Colorado homes. Thank Monique"

Ron Haynes, Owner of Akente Express