Delicious Seaweed Salmon Treats or Pick Your Protein for your Pet!

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J. Katz

I highly recommend Plant Whisper Botanicals for their top quality products, and excellent customer service. I had a pet emergency and Monique went out of her way to deliver the product I needed for my dog that night. Her products are safe and soothing. My dog's paw healed very quickly and he was in a lot less discomfort after using Soothing Botanicals from Plant Whisper. Thanks Monique!

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Taz's 1 Month Hair Growth Journey

"Taz has had severe allergies to food. I bought a particular brand and it caused him to lose his coat. This stuff works great. His coat grew back within weeks. He seems to like it also." Korrie, Aurora , CO

Gentle Soothing Plant-Based Love

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"I have English Bull dogs with sensitive skin and her products really help hot spots and overall coat health"

Talonie Rodgers, CFP

"I bout some hydrator to help with some eczema issues my 6 year old is experiencing. Topical prescriptions for eczema are not cheap (even with insurance). They have a level of effectiveness, but nothing remarkable. The hydrator has worked just as well as the prescription stuff, but with none of the greasy mess that kept us from a regular application routine. Just as effective, a fraction of the cost, and made with all natural ingredients. What's not to like about that as an alternative to chemically engineered prescriptions?"

Rob Smith, CEO

"Monique's Hydrator is a wonderful product. It definitely has helped my dry arms and legs. I also carry her product in my store, Akente Express. It's a must in all Colorado homes. Thank Monique"

Ron Haynes, Owner of Akente Express

Plant Whisper The Secrets of Life

Cactus is My New Way of Life

Would you believe me if I told you I have a special gift to connect with nature? When I think about the prickly pear cactus, I am inclined to think about my skin. The spines of the cactus resemble my arms and hair. I am also aware that Cactus retains moisture and can withstand arid temperatures. The cactus has taught me the value of endurance under the rising sun and to know that the quenching of victory is soon on the horizon.

I am reminded of my ancestors, one's that grazed the prairies and connected with the land over the past several hundred years. I am calmed by the great buffalo and the strength of the Great Grizzly Bear as it lends it's paws of strength through adversity. It is the grace of the equine that journey's the prairie into the sunset that restores my inner-peace. I am smitten by the beauty of life and the animals I can learn from.

Monique's Plant Whisper is a collection of my love for both animals and humanity and how I can help comfort those around me. I care deeply for the smallest discomforts we experience. I am hoping to create new modes of healing that can reduce the use of chemicals and help us regain our bond with earth.

I look forward to sharing my products with your pets. My products are safe, different, and helping to change the way we access cactus as well as herbs in our diets and topically. I will also cover other secrets from plants and remedies that will change your pets life and draw a deeper purpose in your life.