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Rich succulent herbs, silky marinating oils, a taste of hydrating refreshing water and  goosebumps down your back is what you experience once you apply the Cactus Power Hydrator on your hair. Your hairs will literally stand up once you begin spraying your dry scalp.  It is the ultimate scalp quencher that will gently address serious hair loss issues such as, sudden hair loss, dry scalp, scalp eczema, alopecia, and hair loss due to thyroid and or medications.   With just 1-2 spray’s directly on your scalp, this no sting/no stain plant-based elixir, will help your scalp feel boosted, cleansed, and quenched of dryness and discomfort.  Most people state they see the length of their hair grow first and then baby hairs will grow shortly after (6-21 days).  It is suitable for all ages that suffer from some form of hair loss. Give it a try, your hair will no longer cry.

Gentle enough for a baby, strong enough for a man 

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